Sebastian Bielicke

English CV

Born in 1980, of Prussian descent and grown up in the northwestern part of Germany, I studied voice pedagogy in Hamburg between 2004 and 2009. After completing my exam with a diploma thesis on genderspecific physiological preconditions of voice teaching, I continued my tertiary studies in the fields of educational science and musicology. In particular, I have conducted postgradual research on the biographies and the methods of the German professors of singing Franziska Martienssen-Lohmann and Paul Lohmann at the Hamburg University of Music and Drama.

I work as a voice teacher and choir conductor with a large diversity of repertoire and vocal material, including children's choirs. I have been certified as a consultant and assessor in programmes for the continuous professional training of kindergarten teachers in singing with children, run by the German Choral Association as well as the Schleswig-Holstein State Music Council. Since 2011, I have presented papers and workshops at national and international congresses in Slovenia, Lithuania, Germany, Croatia as well as at the ICVT 2013 in Australia.

Furthermore, I have served as Treasurer in the Executive Committee of the European Voice Teachers Association for four years (2009-2012), have become a founding member and Secretary of the German Society for Cantology in 2012, and have been elected Vice President of the Lohmann foundation in 2014.

In my spare time I enjoy private research on my ancestors, writing poetry as well as role playing and strategy video games.                       webdesign: